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The independent driving instructor model is a strategy to expand driving schools across different cities and locations around Nigeria. This will essentially get car owners who want to earn additional income to be trained as driving instructors and after which they utilize our platform and brand to complete training

A car in good working condition with AC, valid drivers license, LASDRI card, minimum of 5 years driving experience and an internet enabled phone.

Fully working air conditioned, Insurance, Valid Vehicle registration papers

We advise and recommend you have comprehensive insurance in place to cover any damages or accidents during the course of trainings.

Student are paired to the instructor based on location and proximity. You earn 80% of the value of the package selected for each student.

Fully working air conditioned, Insurance, Valid Vehicle registration papers

DriveMe earns 20% commission on each student sign ups. This covers for the platform maintenance, access to the online trainings, marketing and access to the FRSC certificate portal.

Instructors will be paid bi-monthly for total number of training hours completed

Instructor are encouraged to purchase a dual brake for an extra layer of safety